An Energized Culture to be the Best

Starting with founder Rob O’Neill and throughout the entire JC Green team, professional-grade skills, unbridled enthusiasm and the willingness to go the extra mile define the culture here. Our sense of purpose and sense of communal responsibility keep us grounded and focused on the tasks at hand: Growing premium cannabis and looking after our customers.

Rob O’Neill


Principal & CEO

“We grow with a purpose – to provide premium quality cannabis that helps our customers feel better.”

Rob O’Neill brings a unique combination of skills, passion and vision to his role as the Founder and President of JC Green.

The experience gained from 14 years in construction management – along with knowledge of the latest advancements in energy technologies – gives Rob the expertise to not only manage, but grow JC Green into a leading medical cannabis provider.

His technical expertise is second only to his passion for helping family, friends, and his hometown community of Thorndale, where he’s completely reinvented the interior of his old elementary school. Turning what was once an empty building into a high-functioning growing facility, Rob is the epitome of a ‘local grower.’

After sustaining a neck injury, Rob could see first-hand the power of cannabis and its ability to help people. It’s this relentless need to positively affect the people he cares about that keeps Rob focused and driven to make JC Green the quality standard in medical cannabis.

Mike O’Neill


Chief Operations Officer

“This place would be our late brother’s dream come true – it’s very fulfilling to help make this a success in his memory.”

As an established construction superintendent with 15 years of experience under his belt, Mike O’Neill possesses the leadership, vision, and technical know-how to thrive as JC Green’s operations manager. Keeping all of their processes finely tuned, Mike ensures the facility reaches and maintains its highest operating potential.

Having grown up just down the road from JC Green’s growing facility – also his old elementary school – Mike feels a strong connection to the community. With a “family-business” vibe, he intends for JC Green to make a difference and give back to the town that gave him so much.

Leslie Bean


Chief Compliance Officer

“It’s similar to craft beer, but more fun!”

Leslie’s educational background (BSc (Hons) in chemistry & biochemistry), and her career experience with three of Canada’s largest breweries over the past nine years, have equipped her with the experience, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail that make her the ideal Quality Assurance Manager at JC Green. Passionate about building JC Green from the ground up, Leslie is excited to grow a natural product that changes people’s lives for the better.

During her time managing three laboratories, Leslie was responsible for monitoring KPI’s, ensuring product safety standards were of the highest calibre, and maintaining brewing and packaging quality. These past experiences will ensure that JC Green complies with Health Canada’s strict product regulations, with only the highest quality JC Green products being supplied to customers.

Easton Klaudi - All images are from JC Green Inc featuring cannabis cultivated in Thorndale, Ontario using next-generation growing techniques and specializing in small-batch craft grown cannabis.


Cultivation Manager

“Plants don’t take weekends or holidays, so neither do we.”

With a diploma in horticulture from Fanshawe College, as well as the hands-on experience vital to producing and maintaining the highest quality cannabis, Easton Klaudi was the obvious choice for cultivation manager at JC Green.

His experience working for an industry leader in cannabis as a horticulture manager has given him skills applicable across all aspects of cannabis production, from grow room assistance, to management of cannabis cutting and shipment, to plant development and quality control.

His impeccable attention to detail and experience managing teams gives Easton the people and plant skills required to run a full-scale cultivation team. As Rob O’Neill’s second cousin with whom he spent multiple summers growing up, the opportunity to join JC Green was one Easton could not pass up.


JC Green’s Board of Directors brings years of experience in construction management, urban and rural planning and land development. The Board’s combination of skill sets and personalities, along with their joint commitment to growth, sustainability and community involvement ensure professional grade governance and transparency.

Gary Blazak


Chairman & Adviser

Right from the get-go I was impressed by Rob’s vision for JC Green, and his all-in personal commitment towards the success of it.

With decades of experience acting as President on various boards of directors in London – and as the current Senior Advisor to the Mayor of London – Gary Blazak understands the role and purpose of governance and how essential it is to the success of an organization. The strategic and high-level business experience that Gary brings to JC Green makes him an integral part of the company’s future.
Rob O’Neill


Director/Principal & CEO

“We’re building a team here that is committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Rob’s unique skills, passion and vision are the inspiration for JC Green’s mission to create a better breed of cannabis, both medicinally and recreationally. His role on the Board of Directors, and his relationship with his advisory group, is informed by a commitment to collaboration and teamwork.


Don Barber


Construction Manager & Technical Adviser

It’s similar to working with hospitals, except these are living plants that need to be kept alive and healthy in a safe, controlled atmosphere

Working in the mechanical electrical industry for over 35 years including time with Johnson Controls, Ellis Don, and in various hospitals, Don knows what it takes to get a facility hardwired and running efficiently. Maintaining and providing insight over the environmental controls at JC Green, including the co2 and water systems, makes Don a vital member of the team.

The atmosphere at JC Green, collectively created by each member of the team, has been extremely inspiring and motivating for Don, and he’s excited to help grow the company.

Todd Bryant



When JC Green takes off, as we know it will, it’s going to be a really fun ride for everyone.

Todd Bryant has been managing finances for startup companies for over 20 years, providing him with not only the expertise, but the energy to keep up with the fast-moving and ever-changing cannabis industry. The actionable insights he provides to JC Green are fundamental to the success of the company, and his thorough experience in the industry is palpable. He thrives off the optimism and dynamic environment inherent in startup companies and is excited to provide some experience – and grey hair – to the JC Green team.